What we do. We oversee Brands from a strategic point of view, to provide relevant and sustainable solutions. Our combined expertise in advertising, promotions, brand and product marketing, communications and research is at your disposal as we craft creative solutions customized for each client. We believe in research-led management and formulating plans that will result in sustained business.

Based on our combined expertise and that of our team and associates, we offer:

Marketing Plans: from strategy to implementation. Advertising: from Creative Strategy and Concepts to Execution of Print ads, TV Commercials, Radio and on line applications. Brand Elements: new ideas and remodelling of key elements from logos, to stationery, brochures, catalogues in order to establish or refresh a cohesive Brand image. Websites: flexible and responsive design, programming and updating, content writing and maintenance. Apps: for Android and Apple platforms. Research: focused investigations in the market for your Brand target. Workshops: in all aspects of Marketing = Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Relations, Advertising, and Client Relationship Systems.



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